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Thursday, 20 December 2018

LEGO Movie 2 Blitz Review: Unikitty's Sweetest Friends EVER!

This is the equal smallest LEGO Movie 2 set to be produced (so far...) and doesn't hold much significance as we don't know the full role of Unikitty's sweetest friends. The movie will be released in early 2019 and sets will be out earlier, from December 26 officially.

This early blitz review will hopefully help you plan out your budgeting for 2019. Don't forget to do the quiz to see if this set is the right one for you!

Theme: LEGO Movie 2

ID: 70822

Prices (rrp)

Australia $15.99
The United States $9.99
The United Kingdom £8.99
Germany €9.99

Release Date: December 26

Piece Count: 76

For having 76 pieces, the set seems rather expensive. In Australia, it's 21 cents per piece which is insane. The most likely price hike contributors are the ice cream pieces and more vibrant colour pallet.

The back of the box shows more detail on the contents. The brick built chocolate figure is probably my favourite highlight from this set with clever use of the ingot pieces and wrapper.

Unikitty comes with two faces which are thankfully two separate bricks. Try to imagine a double sided Unikitty. That's definitely not so pretty. If the storyline you wish to create involves lots of changing emotions from Unikitty, it may be a little finniky constantly interchanging the 1x3 printed brick.

Also included is a trolley which can be pushed around by most likely the ice cream figure as he seems to be the only with hands. The waffle cone and torso have full printing around the back which is expected for such as price mark. All elements are printed making some of them rather rare and most certainly unique.


Buying at full price you can be misled into thinking you're getting something cheap. The price to parts ratio is through the roof so keep an eye out for sales on this one. The showcase for this set is the ice cream figure which is built from unique printed pieces. The Unikitty here is rather standard and there have been plenty of opportunities to get a version of Unikitty, especially with the collectable series.

Score: 2/5

That's the end of the review! Don't forget that this is my opinion and scores are based on what I feel reflects the set. 
Try out this quiz below to find out if you too have a similar opinion.


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