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Thursday, 13 September 2018

VIP: Star Wars and Creator Expert set now available

If you're a VIP, you now have the opportunity to buy two early releases. The Creator Expert Winter Village Fire Station 10263 and Star Wars themed Betrayal at Cloud City 75222.

The general public can buy these sets from October 1 onwards. Below are some quick facts about each set. As a recommendation, I'd wait (unless you're desperate) until November/December when a fresh round of promotional gifts are rolled out. These two sets will most certainly qualify.

Betrayal at Cloud City [75222]

Pieces: 2812
Price: $499.99 (Aus) | $349.99 (US) | 349.99€ (DE) | £299.99 (UK)
Maximum purchase quantity: 2
VIP Points: 333 (equivalent to $24.98 (Aus) worth of savings.

Winter Village Fire Station [10263]

Pieces: 1166
Price: $149.99 (Aus) | $99.99 (US) | 89.99€ (DE) |  £84.99 (UK)
Maximum purchase quantity: 2
VIP Points: 99 (equivalent to $7.43 (Aus) worth of savings)

LEGO has also included a designer video for the seasonal themed set so you can some good close-ups of the model and the inspiration behind it. Are you planning to buy this soon or wait a little closer to Christmas? Let me know below!


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