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Tuesday, 11 September 2018

New Shipping Fees in Australia: And They're Good!

LEGO Australia has made many happy fans with their decision to set up a new warehouse in Australia.

What does this mean? Cheaper shipping costs! I myself can assume many others have had second thoughts of buying directly from LEGO due to their insane shipping costs. Now they've drastically changed things up making the browsing more realistic.

Here are their new prices.

Standard Devlivery

AUD 0.00 - AUD 149.00AUD 12.50
AUD 149.01+FREE

Express Devilery

AUD 0.00 - AUD 149.00AUD 30.00
AUD 149.01+AUD 30.00

It's great to see that the free shipping minimum is $149 as this allows for set priced at $149.99 to automatically be accounted for free shipping. Delivery times range from 9-18 business days and orders are shipped on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

This comes at a perfect time as tomorrow, VIPs can purchase the 10263 Winter Village Fire Station with free shipping! Cashing in early? Comment below what you'll be buying!


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